Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sinkhole, dude!

In the book Tangerine, the main character's portable classroom gets sucked into a sinkhole. For many of you it was the first time you've heard of such a phenomenon. However, as we read recently, sinkholes can be extremely common in certain parts of the world, including parts of Pennsylvania (not the part that we're in, luckily). Often, sinkholes are created by people. What are they doing to create these scary events?


Watch the video and write three questions that come up for you about the video.


Anonymous said...


k my questions are: How did the salt get there? Would the salt have anything to do with causing a sinkhole? How did they not realize the salt mine was there?

RE said...

RE said Why did the drill stick? How could such a big boat sink in shallow water? How is it that when the river came back it made a water fall? Dose that mean on a regular cores it goes up the water fall?

brooke said...

How did all of those objects get sucked down into a 14 inch hole?Why cant anyone got down into the the salt mine to find the evidence?How did the whirlpool get so big?

Isys775 :-\ confused said...

How did 9 boats just pop out of a swerling vortex (wirlpool)? How could the people get out of there so fast? How did so much damage form just from a long drill? how did the drill get stuck? How could such a big vortex come frome a 14 inch hole? Could that happen again? Are there more videos like that that give just as much information and details? :-/

josh said...

why is the salt in giant underground domes, why does the pressure of the rock do that?

So the salt pops out of the ground and produced faults?

So the faults produce oil?

evie2 said...

Do they still use that salt mien in Louisiana? If not why did they stop

how did the boat puncture the top on the salt mine? And sink in less than 15 ft of water?

How does the water have that much power to make a 150 ft tree fall down completely? and a house sink 30 feet?

Richard said...

Why didn't the oil workers alert the miners that they had drilled into the salt mine?
How did the water in the canal revers in direction?
Where did the boats go did they get sucked into the hole or did they get pushed down to the bottom of the lake?

logan said...

How did the salt get into the ground?

Did the placement of the slat mine have anything to do with it?

Why didn't they know there was a salt mine near where they were drilling?

logan said...
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Gabe said...

Why was there so much salt there?
was the hole to big to be plugged or at least slowed?
why was there a waterfall how did the river get there before the sinkhole?

jade said...

my questions are how did the really big boats fit down the hole, was anybody injured and did everybody know what was happening did they know it was a sinkhole. -jade

The adolescent juvenile said...

My questions are, Why did the oil drillers not warn the salt miners? Surely they must have recognized that something had gone terribly wrong. Weren't they in contact with each other while working the same ground? Salt mines and water do not mix. Also, how the heck could a boat that big fit down a 14 foot by 14 foot hole? How did the sinkhole close up? Why don't divers go down and explore the reason for the flooding of the salt mine? The salt should have existed some way above the shaft. Wouldn't they have noticed? When did the tragedy/disaster happen? Where exactly did the disaster happen? Is there a big hole in the bottom of the lake now?

sophie said...

Was that the worst sinkhole in history?
How long did it take to repair the town?
Did the man's nephew survive?

Anonymous said...

Logan is testing OpenID

B-Square said...

1. How did the salt arrive in the mine?
2. How would some one miss read by 100' (Feet) if the mines are right there.
3. How did the whirlpool get that large if the drill only made a 14" (Inch) hole into the tunnel.