Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hello class! This week we started to learn about atoms and how they are structured. We know that atoms have three parts: protons, neutrons, and electrons. Atoms make up everything in the universe (except nothing). Are all atoms the same, though? The answer to that is "no." Have you ever heard of the periodic table of the elements? Well, that complicated chart is a list of all of the different types of atoms in the world. Scientists have identified approximately 90 types of atoms that exist in the natural world and have created synthetic ones in laboratories. This list of different types of atoms are called elements.


You and everything around you is made of elements. Write a list of 5-10 elements that you can find in your house. This link might help you figure out what elements are around you. WebElements

For example: In my classroom the radiator is made of iron.

For fun, you can watch this video for a song by a sciencey band called They Might Be Giants.


RE said...

RE said in my house there is glass, the 4 that make up all living things, and that stuff in light bulbs.

Anonymous said...

Cobalt is used in the magnet in my room

m computer is possibly made of geranium

my milk is made of Calcium

Mercury is in the thermometer

Aluminum i in stainless steel

Nickel is in my penny

Silver is in jewlery

Diggy Dog D

Brooke said...

My Family-Carbon,Hydrogen,Nitrogen,Oxgen.

Richard said...

there is carbon, zinc, copper, oxygen, nickel and silicon are in my bedroom.

Bob said...

In my bedroom there is lithium in my batteries.Hydrogen in water/air.Mercury in thermometers.Copper in the wires and plumbing.Oxygen in the air.silicone in my computer chip.And antimonium in my plumbing

Eve_O_o said...

in my room;

iron, in radiator in my in my room
copper, nickels
nickel, pennies
gold, necklaces
sliver, rings
chromium, safety pins

B-Square said...

The elements that are in my room are:

• Granite, on my bathroom counter.
• Copper, water pipes.
• Glass, for sliding doors on the shower.
• Nickel, for all the nickels I have.
• Oxygen, that I breathe.
• Led, that I draw with.

Anonymous said...

In my room
In air-

Silicon - Computer
Iron - various things, incl. table frame
Copper and gold connecting various electrical things (lights computer etc)
Aluminum in soda can

logan said...
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Anonymous said...

One of the elements in my room is silicon, and silicon is in the glass that is my window. Oxygen is another one of the elements in my room. Hydrogen is also in my room because there unfinished water bottles in my room. Aluminum is another element because of my uni-body MacBook Pro also there is cobalt in it because of the magnets in the computer to keep it shut and magnets have cobalt in them. Gold is also in my computer there and like we said in science class it is a good conductor.

Sophie is Da Best Ever!!!! said...

In my room there is nickle,copper, and zink. Also there is oxygen, carobn,and hydrogen.Third there is iorn,colbat,calcium,chlorine,and i beleve silcon. now i know there are many more that i dont know about but there are the ones that i know of.

Someone you know said...

There is Silver in my ring
And gold in my necklace
Glass in my window, so I won't act reckless.

Iron is in my new car, that seems as safe as a tank,
While Nickel and copper lie safe inside my piggy bank.

In my watch is lithium,
strong and long lasting as can be, yet aluminum in soda cans can you more commonly see.

Carbon lies within those cans,
for it is the key to make all sodas delicious-y!

So now you've heard my ode to elements, You may think it's lame, but when english comes around you people won't be thinking the same.

If only I had something like that to turn in for extra credit,oops, there you already said it.

So bye there, dear science class this is me signing out, for elements are all about!

The Adolescent juvenile