Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sinkhole, dude!

In the book Tangerine, the main character's portable classroom gets sucked into a sinkhole. For many of you it was the first time you've heard of such a phenomenon. However, as we read recently, sinkholes can be extremely common in certain parts of the world, including parts of Pennsylvania (not the part that we're in, luckily). Often, sinkholes are created by people. What are they doing to create these scary events?


Watch the video and write three questions that come up for you about the video.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome and Welcome Back!!

Hi Everyone! It's great to be back. After an excellent summer I feel completely rejuvenated and ready for an amazing year of science discovery. I did a bunch of great, sciencey things this summer, most of which I will tell you about I'm sure. I read some terrific science books, took a chemistry class, wrote curriculum for a coming summer program at a local school, and spent a good portion of time near the ocean. One of my favorite trips this summer was a mushroom gathering trip I took with a friend of mine who is an amateur mycophile (someone who gathers mushrooms). We found a lot of amazing mushrooms, some edible and some not. This is a picture of me with the "Chicken of the Woods" that we found. Later that evening, I cooked it up and ate it!


Respond to this post by letting me know something sciencey that you did this summer.