Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fresh Water

There is a very small percentage of fresh water in the world.  Of all of the water on the planet, less than one percent is fresh water.  Fresh water habitats are the home of many, many species and obviously humans are dependent on it for survival.  Human activities have been altering and impacting these ecosystems in many ways.


Read the source.

Answer the following questions:

1.     Where is fresh water found in the world?

2.     Why are freshwater habitats so important?

In what ways have humans been changing freshwater habitats?


Beck said...

Fresh water is so important to all most all living things on this planet. Humans, some fish, mammals, birds and other creatures all depend on fresh water to live. With about two to three cups of water a day for humans and not including the amount other animals use you could see that this is a very necessary recourse. With out water humans would die out within one week. Fresh water is found in lakes, pounds, swamps, bogs and mashes. Humans have been taking from this water since they have been alive we have also built things on top of the water or completely emptied it. We use water for so much and are using it up so fast, we need to conserve this water for future generations to come.

redrum said...

Fresh water is found in rivers, lakes, swamps, ponds, and bogs all over the earth. Although it only accounts for 1 percent of the planets water, it is the most vital thing humans and countless other species depend on.
It is the only water humans can drink, and yet we have built over swamps, and used the rivers to give us electricity, and many other things that kill of its species and just plain destroys it.

Dylster said...

In the begining when it talks about the fresh water in glaciers it is easy to tell that it is dated before 2004-2005. Right now, the glaciers are melted and crashing Into the ocean. Some of these other fresh water sources are being polluted by pollutants in the air, or by the addition of chemicals to the farm land around them, of c purse this has been proven by many testings which have shown that when people use certain chemical fertilizers. In conclusion, this video is not relevant to the cituation that he earth is in at the moment, but it still shows insight into where freshwater comes from

elilev3 said...

Fresh water is found in wetlands and lakes, yet humans waste the water. There isn't much fresh water, less then half a percent of all water on earth isn't fresh. It is very important that we don't dam up rivers for houses, because they can mess up ecosystems, and our lifestyle.

ChelsJ; said...

1.Where is fresh water found in the world?
Fresh water is found in smaller habitats then I thought. You can find fresh water in such places as lakes, streams, ponds, rivers, and marshes.

2.Why are freshwater habitats so important? In what ways have humans been changing freshwater habitats?
Fresh waters habitats are important so that our plants can continue to survive. For example the wetlands, the wetlands are plentiful in vegetation. One fact that I didn’t even know was that, Rice is a wetland plant! Us a humans are polluting and dumping waste into our small sources of fresh water.

Anonymous said...

All carbon-based life, that is, anything on Earth, requires fresh water. If there was no water, the entire human species, and most or all other life on the planet would probably die out in under a week. Thankfully, fresh water is not hard to find. It is in lakes, marshes, bogs, swamps, ponds, etc. People have been using the water, which should naturally be easy to find, without and thought for the other species, and even other humans, including future generations. Although the water we, as humans, can get from the Earth is only 1% of all the water there is, we do not have the ability to get the rest, due to people not having the technology, or at this point, even a reason, to get it. The other 99% of water exists in things such as polar ice caps, glaciers, etc. This is one more thing people are doing to ruin our environment, and it really does need to stop.

Some guy said...

Where is fresh water found in the world?
Fresh water is found around watersheds. These watersheds clean the contaminated and dirty water. Freshwater is also found in lakes and steams as well as marshes and wetlands. These wetlands are pretty common around the amazon rainforest.
Why are freshwater habitats so important?
Freshwater habitats are really important for many reasons. First off, if you read the words correctly, they are habitats meaning that they are home to many animals. Did you know that around 40% of the fish in the world live in freshwater habitats?!? That means that if these habitats get destroyed than 40% of the fish in this world would become extinct. This would effect the world in a huge way.
In what ways have humans been changing freshwater habitats?
Humans have been changing freshwater habitats a lot. They are draining and or destroying them just for our sake! Just to make something for other humans. THAT'S JUST SELFISH (or shellfish!!!) We do all of these things for us humans by destroying other species habitats. NOW THAT IS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF STUPIDITY! Hopefully, more people in the world would notice this and hopefully, we can take action. We can stop the selfishness of human beings once in for all. And maybe somebody will write something to explain the problems of selfishness. And that is what your just read.


Cassie said...

You can find fresh water in less then half a percent of all the water on Earth. Fresh water is so important because so many living things depend on it for survival including us. By living things I mean plants and animals that would probably go extinct if we were to suddenly be left without any fresh water. Even if humans were able to adapt to salt water the animals and plants we depend on for survival probably wouldn't and we would die anyway. Not to mention there are a lot of plants we use to make medicine and most of those would die out to. You can find fresh water in various places such as lakes, ponds, swamps, bogs, and marshes but beware of the ocean where it all leads to because it's a little to salty. Alot of humans don't understand the importance of swamps, bogs, and marshes thinking of them as only smelling pits of mud. Because they think of them like that they build on them and destroy them for personal uses not caring about how many plants and animals they kill by doing so.

Twilight Apple 05 said...

Water in general covers 70% of the earth's surface. And in addition to all of the salt water there is in oceans, there is also a significant amount of fresh water as well. Fresh water is vitally important to most of the living organisms on our planet. (i.e humans and other mammals, birds, and most fish.) Most freshwater that humans use as drinking water can be found in lakes, streams, ponds, and mountain springs. Fresh water is the main ingriedient in all of our foods, and without it, humans wouldn't have very long to live.

evelyn said...

fresh water is very improtant in out world and many people depend on it for drinking and planting stuff in the marshes on swamps and wet lands. like rice which is grown in wetlands and might not longer be and so many people depend on rice for eating, because nearly hafe of fresh water on earth is gone due to chemicals and dammes put in to redirect water to places like cities were it's needed. 20% of the speices living in theses fresh water places are extincted or are going to be in the near future...sad :(

Logan Howe said...

Where is fresh water found in the world?
Why are freshwater habitats so important?
In what ways have humans been changing freshwater habitats?

Fresh water is found in water sheds. Water shed is a place where water flows down for instance the Wissahickon.
Wetlands are important because they filter stuff out of the water. They also have lots of life in them like: fish, insects, and amphibians.
Humans have changed fresh water habitats by building strip malls, homes, and plantations.

Mr. Nice Guy said...

After reading the article I feel that wetlands are alot more important than they seem. Humans need water to survive and also wetland animals. Most of our water is found in watersheads and wetlands and they are taken away to build things for society like malls, houses, and big office complexes. Also we are polluting them with trash, oil, and other watses. If we keep this up we will eventually run out and humans around the world will die.

Nick said...

Fresh water can be found in lakes, ponds,oceans, anywhere with a large body of water, without fresh water humans will not be able to survive, the same with animals such as, whales,sharks,frogs,fish etc... Humans destroy the fresh water supply with sewage and chemicals that are thrown into the ocean

Anonymous said...

we nee water for alot of things
like us animals water to drink and
trees and other types of plants fresh water can be found inlakes ponds and i think rivers

bdogissostupid said...

fresh water is important for the earth because we need it for staying hyderated and we need it so animals can live also we need it so we can grow things.

bdogissostupid said...

dan i have no clue what happen to the other ones someone had to delete them because i have them on file.