Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Marie!

For the last few weeks we have been talking about elements and why some want to combine to form other things. In science, this study is known as Chemistry. Work in the field of Chemistry has contributed incalculable advances in our society and something tells me that we are just scratching the surface of what this science is going to do in the future.

Today, Google is celebrating the birthday of one of the greatest chemists in history, Marie Curie. Madame Curie was a brilliant scientist who added a wealth of knowledge of the elements to our current lexicon. She is truly a hero of science.


Go to Google

Click on the Google icon displaying Marie Curie.

Pick one of the links about Marie Curie (not Wikipedia).

Write down ten facts about Marie Curie.


Anonymous said...

Zehn Fakten über Marie Curie:

1.she wurde in Warschau am 7. November 1867 geboren.
2.she wurde im Jahr 1895 geheiratet.
3.her Mann Pierre Curie.
4.she entdeckte Radium im Jahr 1898.
5.she und ihr Mann entdeckte auch Polonium in1898.
6.she promovierte der Wissenschaft im Jahr 1903.
7.she gelang ihr Mann im Jahre 1906 als Professor für Allgemeine Physik an der Fakultät für Naturwissenschaften, als erste Frau zu tun.
8.She erhielt eineinhalb Nobelpreise.
9.Her erste (die Hälfte Preis) wurde im Jahr 1903. ihr zweites wurde in1911.
10.She verfochten Radium als heilendes Element für alle Arten von Beschwerden.

Dan-here is the correct German version. Derek

Anonymous said...

Ten facts about Marie curie:

1.she was born in Warsaw on November 7, 1867.
2.she was married in 1895.
3.her husband was Pierre curie.
4.she discovered radium in 1898.
5.she and her husband also discovered polonium in1898.
6.she earned her doctorate of science in 1903.
7.she succeeded her husband in 1906 as Professor of General Physics in the Faculty of sciences, being the first woman to do so.
8.She received one and a half Nobel prizes.
9.Her first one (the half prize) was in 1903. her second was in1911.
10.She championed radium as a healing element for all sorts of ailments.
Dan-here is the English version. Derek

danceMAGICdance (you remember xD) said...

1. her mother died of a disease she caught from their house crowded with students and her sister died of typhus
2. she was encouraged to study physics by Jozef Boguski, her cousin.
3. went to paris in 1891 to become a teacher like her mom
4. met Pierre Curie who became her advisor and husband
5. had two daughters with Pierre, Eve and Irene
6. had a miscarriage with a third child, possibly because of the radiation in her lab
7. In 1906, Pierre was hit by a running horse-drawn carriage and died.
8. won a prize for chemistry in Sweden that saved her career because some people thought she was having an affair which
9. she let women work in her lab with her
10. died of leukemia in 1934


1. She was born in Warsaw on November 7, 1867.
2. The Curie’s isolated polonium, and radium.
3. Her mother died when she was young.
4. Pierre Currie, her devoted husband and colleague was killed in a traffic accident , leaving her with two young girls and a research institute
5. It took her about 5 years of hard work to isolate the pure element that she discovered
6. she invented mobile x-ray unit to help soldiers during the war
7. She taught Margret Thatcher one of Britten’s prime ministers.
8. Towards the end of her life she suffered with lots of ailments especially with her eyesight, most likely due to prolonged exposure to her radioactive elements.
9. One of her daughters became a pianist and the other one, Irene, won a Nobel prize in physics just like her mother.
10. She won the Nobel Prize twice, once for physics and once for chemistry.

Isaiah C said...

1.she was born in Warsaw on November 7, 1867.
2.she was married in 1895.
3.she discovered radium in 1898.
4.she and her husband also discovered polonium in1898.
5.. had a miscarriage with a third child, possibly because of the radiation in her lab
6.She championed radium as a healing element for all sorts of ailments

julian said...

She was born in warsaw in 1867.
She moved to paris in 1891.
While there She married Pierre Curie.
She attended Sorbonne, studying physics and the mathematical sciences.
Her husband died in 1906 and she replaced his role as Professor of General Physics.
She made great advances in the field of radioactivity.
She researched how certain radioactive elements can be distinguished and isolated from other elements.
She discovered polonium and radium, both by-products uranium.
She studied how radium can be used as a remedy.
President hoover donated fifty thousand dollars to Marie Curies study of radium. The money was accumulated through americans who supported science.

Anonymous said...

Marie Curie
10 facts
Maria Skiodowska was born on November 7, 1867 in Warsaw, Poland.
Marie married Pierre Curie in 1895.
They discovered how to isolate polonium, which was named after Poland (Marie's birth country).
In 1903 Marie and Pierre Curie received the Noble Prize in physics.
In 1911 she also got a Noble Prize in chemistry.
Marie also discovered radium.

Ferrets look like mustaches!!! said...

10 facts about Marie Curie:

1. Born on November 7th, 1867
2. Received scientific training from her father
3. Married to Pierre Curie in 1895
4. Discovered Radium with Pierre Curie in 1898
5. Discovered Polonium, an element named after her home country, in 1898
6. Replaced her husband as Professor of General Physics in the Faculty of Sciences in 1906, when he passed away
7. Given $50,000 by the U.S. for use in laboratory
8. Awarded two Nobel prizes throughout her life, one in 1903 with her husband, and one in 1911
9. Many of the stuff she owned still radioactive from contamination
10. Died from cancer in 1934

Iwillnevereatblueberrypie said...

1. She was born in Warsaw on November 7, 1867 which is why she named polonium after the country of Poland.
2. She was the daughter of a school teacher.
3. She married her husband Pierre, who was also a scientist, in 1895.
4.When Pierre died 1906 she took his place as the Professor of General Physics in the Faculty of Sciences and she was the first woman in that position.
5. She had a daughter named Irene.
6. She received $50,000 to buy radium for a laboratory in Warsaw.
7. She won two Nobel prizes, one she shares one with her husband.
8. The papers she used in her studies are still radioactive.
9. She died on July 4,1934.
10. She died 28 years after her husband.