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We are now beginning our study of the cell, the basic structure of all living organisms. In the early seventeenth century, Galileo Galilei put two glass lenses inside of a cylinder. After looking through the cylinder he was able to identify tiny geometric structures in the eye of an insect. While Galileo is not considered a biologist, he is credited with being the first person to look through a microscope and make an observation of the microscopic world.


Research question: What are some of the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells? List five differences in complete sentences. You can use the links below.


Julian said...

Prokaryotic cells are the original foundation of life and are much older than eukaryotic cells.

Unlike prokayryotic cells, eukaryotic cells contain a nucleus.

Eukaryotic cells contain small organs with membranes while eukaryotic cells do not.

Eukaryotic cells have DNA which is neatly stored within the nucleus.Prokayryotic cells also have DNA which is not contained and moves around freely.

Overall, eukaryotic cells are substantially larger and more complicated than prokayryotic cells.

Ari said...

What are some of the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?

Prokaryotic cells have no nuclei, while eukaryotic cells have a nuclei.

Eukaryotic cells can be animal cells, plant cells, fungi.

Eukaryotic DNA is linear, while prokaryotic DNA is circular (never ending).

Eukaryotic are newer than prokaryotic cells which were the first kind of cells and are more primitive.

eukaryotic DNA are held inside the nucleus while in prokaryotic cells DNA floats freely and unorganized.

AJL said...

1. prokaryotic cells do not have a nucleus and eukaryotic cells do.
2. prokaryotic cells lack some organelles and eukaryotic cells do not.
3. prokaryotic cells are not found in humans and eukaryotic cells are.
4. prokaryotic cells are always unicellular and eukaryotic cells are often multicellular.
5. prokaryotic cells reproduce

Isaiah.C said...

Prokaryotes are evolutionarily ancient. They helped to form most of the life on earth.
Eukaryotic cells are more complex, evolving from a prokaryote-like predecessor.

derek said...

eukaryotic cells have at least two membranes, while prokaryotic cells have only one.

prokarotic cells have only one type of organelle.

prokaryotic cells can only reproduce by dividing.

prokaryotic cells usually exist by themselves, while eukaryotic cells are more social.

eukaryotic cells are more organized, while prokaryotic cells are more like something you would take out of a blender.

danceMAGICdance said...

There are plenty of differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Eukaryotic cells are much more complex than prokaryotic cells, but they evolve from predecessor similar to prokaryote cells. Prokaryotes are single cells when they're not in colonies. They don't have nucleuses like eukaryotic cells do. Eukaryotic cells have a plasma membrane and prokaryotes only have only two organelles. There has to be more, but this is what I've got.

Ferrets scare me said...

1. Prokaryotic cells are much older than eukaryotic cells, and were the first living things to evolve on earth

2. Eukaryotic cells contain a nucleus, while prokaryotic cells do not.

3. Prokaryotic cells are simpler than eukaryotic cells, having no recognizable organelles

4. Eukaryotic cells are bigger than prokaryotic cells

5. Prokaryotic cells are always unicellular, unlike eukaryotic cells

Grace said...

1. The Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus and the Prokaryotic cells however, do not

2. Prokaryotic cells have a thing called an outer cell wall which gives them shape.

3. Prokaryotic cells have been on Earth before Eukaryotic cells and also for billons of years Prokaryotic cells were the only form of life.

4. Eukaryotic cells can be single celled or multi celled. Prokaryotic cells are always single celled.

5. Eukaryotic cells are sometimes bigger than bacteria cells. Every kind of bacteria and bacteria like Archaea are Prokaryotic cells.

Anonymous said...

Five differences between cells prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
1. Prokaryotic cells don't have a nucleus. Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus.
2. Prokaryotic cells are smaller than eukaryotic cells.
3. Eukaryotic animal cells don't have cell walls. Prokaryotic animal cells do have cell walls.
4. Prokaryotic cells only have one membrane. Eukaryotic cells have plenty of membranes.
5. Eukaryotic cells have more than one way of reproducing. Prokaryotic cells only have one way of reproducing.
Source two:
Source one:
By Brennan

mirroredsunglasses said...

Prokaryotic cells are smaller than eukaryotic cells.
Eukaryotic cells make up living things like humans and plants while prokaryotic cells make up bacteria.
Eukaryotic cells freak me out substantially less than prokaryotic cells.
Prokaryotic cells have been around for longer than eukaryotic cells.
Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus but prokaryotic cells do not.
Eukaryotic cells have organelles and prokaryotic cells do not.