Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today we did an electricity lab where we created a battery. Journalist Thomas L. Friedman, author of the book Hot, Flat, and Crowded, argues that we need a "green revolution." He suggests that, as a country, we invest in alternative energy products with the same type of enthusiasm that sent people to the moon in the 1960's and 1970's. We need to find "a way to produce abundant, cheap, and reliable electrons" and he argues that the country that does this will receive the most respect from the rest of the world. Why do we need electrons?


Watch the video with the amazing narration.

Right down 5 facts from the video about electricity.


ikc said...

Electricity .

Also called galvanic battery, voltaic battery. a combination of two or more cells electrically connected to work together to produce electric energy.s the potential energy associated with the conservative Coulomb forces between charged particles contained within a system, where the reference potential energy is usually chosen to be zero for particles at infinite separation

L said...

One thing that I didn't know about batteries was that the electrons move from the negative end to the positive end. I have heard the term 'electrical current' but I didn't know that current is measured in amperes (amps). A single amp. is 6240000000000000000 electrons per second. I have also heard the term 'short circuit' but now I know that it means when the wire gets to hot. I also know that you can get shocked when using electricity but now I know that 1.5 volts of electricity isn't enough to do any harm.

secretroomintheatticyea said...

1. Electric current is measured in amperes which are also call amps
2. Never attach at short wire to both ends of a battery. This causes the wire to get hot and is called a short current.
3. The average AA battery has a voltage of 1.5.
4. A single amp moves 6240000000000000000 electrons per second. That what the average flashlight uses.
5. It is safe to touch a battery because the voltage is low.

el muchos said...

fact one: batteries are created to produce the force to move electrons.
fact two: current( flowing electrons) is measured in amperes.
fact three: the extent of the force moving the electrons, is measured in voltage.
fact four: certain conductors can cause the battery to short circuit( get really hot).
fact five: one point five volts is completely save, although on hundred and twenty volts is very dangerous.

sir laughs alot the great said...

Electricity is relative because if I were to touch a AA battery I wouldn’t get hurt, but if I were to stand in front of lighting and get hit, I would go to the hospital, maybe die. One time an AA battery can hurt you is when you connect the same wire to both ends. It will get very hot and will burn you. That is called short-circuiting. A way to stop short-circuiting is to put a light bulb on, because it reduces the current. A flashlight uses amps, the measure of the current. An amp has 6,240,000,000,000,000,000 moving per second. Voltage is the force moving to electrons, and it is measured in volts.

Thing One! said...

1.) Flowing electrons are called current, it is measured in Amperes or Amps.
2.) It can cause a short circuit if you connect a short wire from minus to plus.
3.) The force moving the electrons is called volts.
4.) Double A batteries are safe ti touch because the voltage is only 1.5.
5.) 6,240,000,000,000,000,000 per seconds is how much a single Amp moves.

kujo93 said...

1) In a battery electricity goes from the plus side to the minus side.
2) An AA battery has 1.5 volts
3) Electric flow is called current
4) Current is measured in Amperes
5) One Amp is equivalent to 6240000000000000000 eps (electrons per second)

kujo93 said...

PS: D-Man for the recored that narration is boring.

Thing two :) said...

1.) flowing electrons are called currents.
2.) currents tells us the rate that the electrons are flowing at.
3.)current is measured in amperes.
4.)1 amp= 6240000000000000000 electrons per second.
5.)1 amp is the current flowing thought a flashlight.

danceMAGICdance said...

1. Electricity is the movement of electrons.
2. Moving electrons make lightning and light up stuff
3. Flowing electrons are called current, which can be measured in amperes.
4. Connecting a short wire from minus to plus will make a short circuit, which burns and kills you and the battery.
5. In an AA battery, the letter V or the word Volts would have to be on it, along with a number, often 1.5. It's okay to touch one because the volts aren't enough to shock you.

HurricaneSmokey said...

Well of course electricity is used to power up our houses and appliances as shown when the finger flipped the light switch.

Batteries were created to make the force to transport electrons.

You should never connect a short wire from minus to plus if you do that a short circuit will occur and it will get so hot that you might burn yourself and the battery decreases in energy.

The measurement of the force moving the electrons. Also a wall outlet has 120 volts.

1 amp has 6240000000000000000 electrons per second. 1 amp is the current flowing through a ordinary flashlight.


1) Don't attach a small wire to both sides of a battery, doing this causes the battery to overheat and short circuit.

2) A "AA" battery has 1.5 volts, batteries like these are safe to touch because the voltage is quite low so the battery will not shock you.

3) Current (which is measured in amperes) tells people the what rate the electrons are flowing.

4) Even thought the number 1 AMP sounds small it means that 6240000000000000000 electrons are going through the battery every second

5) Electricity is the movement of charged atomic particles (A.K.A.) Electrons.

Bobby said...


1. Electricity is the movement of electrons

2.The path a electric current follows is a circuit

3. A wall outlet has 120 volts

4.Flowing electrons are call current

5.The force that is moving the electrons is called amps

Debbie Henry said...

1. Electricity is caused by the movement of electrons.

2. Electrons move from the negative side to the positive side in a battery because they have a negative charge.

3. Current, which are moving electrons, is measured in amperes.

4. Short circuiting causes a battery to drain more quickly.

5.Most AA batteries have 1.5 volts.

Isys said...

1) It can make a short circuit if you connect the short wire to the - side.
2) 1 AA battery has a volt of 1.5 which is why it's safe to touch
3) Moving electrons are called currents.
4)Currents can be measured by Amps.
5) There are 6,240,000,000,000,000,000 in 1 amp per second.

1sweet1 said...

The electricity in a battery has a lot of cool things in it like curates. You can get a shock from holding a powerful battery and that i didn't know! I also learned that electrons are even found in lightening.

insanity prawn boy said...

1. its a type of energy

2. moving electrons create lighting strikes

3. batteries are designed to create the force needed to move electrons

4. don't connect a short wire to each side of a battery it will get hot

5. electric energy is turned into light energy when the battery is connected to a light bulb

REO said...

1. The movement of charged atomic partials called electrons

2. A battery is a chemical device designed to created the force needed to uses electrons

3. Electrons have a negative charge

4. Flowing electrons are called current

5. Current is measured in amperes