Thursday, February 4, 2010


This weeks biome is the Rainforest. Located in a belt that wraps around the Earth's equator, the world's rainforests are home to some of the most diverse species on the planet. A plethora of life exists at every level of this biome, from the understory up through the canopy. At night, the rainforest continues to be an active space for species to make their way in the world.


Go to the website: Rainforest at Night

Search for and read about all five species found in this tour, plus the section about deforestation (you are required to leave the sound on the whole time you are doing your homework). Write a description of two of the species and answer the following questions about deforestation:

1. Who are the Penan and what challenges do they face?

2. What does "loss of biodiversity" mean? Give an example.

3. How might deforestation lead to global warming?


Nicole said...

1.The Penan people are natives that live in the rain forests.They depend on the plants and animals to provide them food. As the trees are cut down, the animals will leave, or die. That makes it harder for them to survive.
2. Loss of Biodiversity means that the forest is getting smaller and smaller in it's range of trees. This makes it harder for the orangutans to survive, since they live in trees.
3.As the trees are getting cut down in the forest, carbon is released into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide heats up the air, and eventually, it is going to get hotter and hotter, thus no more polar bears. :(

Richard said...

a. The flying frog is the largest flying frog in the world and can leap up to 50 feet.
b. A small wild cat that hunts small birds and mammals at night.
1. The penan are a tribe of people who live in the Borneo rain forest the rely on the plants and animals for food and shelter and deforestation is causing their hunting grounds to disappear.

2. It means the lose of a habitat.

3. It might lead to global warming because carbon dioxide is released when a tree is burned or cut down these chemicals are the second largest contributor to the green house effect.

RE said...

leopard cat-a small solitary leopard-marked cat that eatsbirds and small mamals
flying fox-a noisy, sharpeyed, bat that eats pollon, flowers, and fruit
penna-a people that depened on the plants and animals of the rain forest that are going extinckt
biodiversity-lots of life like red apes (loss of biodiversity is when things are dying)
carbon-a gas in trees that heat the planet (global warming)

Jade! said...

1.)The Penan people is a tribe that lives there in the forest. They rely on the plants and animals that live in the Bornoe forest, it provides them with food. As the trees are being cut down are starting to die off, and makes it hard for the Penan people to make a living.

2.)The lost of Biodiversity... The orangutan is a small reddish/orange ape, the orangutan spends most its time up in the treetops of the forest. This means the forests are getting smaller and there is a lost of trees, now there is only 30,000 orangutans left.

3.)Global warming is when the trees are being cut down in the forest, when the trees are cut down it releases carbon in to the air, When the carbon is released the dioxide heats the air up, there for the is global warming.


Diggy Dog D said...

1. Who are the Penan and what challenges do they face?

the pennon people live int he rain forest and depend on the animals and plants found throughout the rain forest. The trees are being cut down which is leading to animals leaving the area which causes the pennon people to die off because there resources are leaving.

2. What does "loss of biodiversity" mean? Give an example.

Biodiversity is the loss of Biomes. An example of this is we now have less than 30,000 orangutans left in the wild.

3. How might deforestation lead to global warming?

when trees are cut down they are left to burn and decay carbon dioxide is then released into the air. Carbon dioxide is one the the lead contributors to the greenhouse effect.

logan said...

The Leopard Cat is a measure up to 30 inches and a foot long tail. Flying fox bats gather on tree tops making a loud shrieking sound. These bats eat fruit and have good eye site.

1. ?

2.loss of bio diversity means that not a lot of the same animals are going to be there.

3. it would lead to global warming because plants and trees pump out oxygen.

31337 Mastuh

Bob said...

1.Who are the Penan and what challenges do they face?-The penan people are people who live in a rainforest,they get their food from plants and animals.But if the trees are cut down, the animals will leave and they will not have food

2. What does "loss of biodiversity" mean? Give an example.-It means that there arnt as many species as there used to be

3. How might deforestation lead to global warming?-When trees are cut down they release carbon,and carbon dioxide is the second leading cause in global warming

Brooke:) said...

1.)Penan people at people who live in the rainforest the need plants and animals to provide them with food. When the trees are cut down it's like get kidded out of their home,no shelter no animals of plant to give them food.

2.)Loss of Biodiversity is when the rainforest is getting decreased of poputlation. Example: Quetzal bird eats fruit and by cuting down the fruit trees now their population is decreasing.And the food chain has been broken which messes up the system.

3.)trees have carbon and when burned or cut down it's released into the air.

max said...

The penan are the native tribe of the borneo rain forest. They are face the imminent destruction of their society and lack of resources.

Bio diversity is like a loss of habitat

It will like contribute to global warming I guess cause there will be like less trees to get the junk out of the air

loves to ride said...

1) penan natives are people that rely on animals and plants for food. since the burning of trees it makes it hard to live in bornoe forset.
2)loss of biodiversity means that people are cutting trees down. For example the rain forest.
3)when trees are burned and left to decay it spread carbon dioxide and cause the earth to become warmer.

ishara said...

1. LEOPARD CAT- the leopard cat is a cousin of the demisic cat. it is known for it's leopard type features. it is a solotary hunter. they measure between 18-30 inches with a 12 inched tail

2. RAFFLESIA- the rufflwsia is a very stinky plant. it starts to rot shortly after it blossoms. it has no leaves. carrion flies are attracted to the plant and are pollinaters to the plant. it blooms 3 feet across

Q. 1 Penan people are native amiricans wo live in the rainforrest we are killing. the living things in the rainforrest are the things they need to surrvive. but as we cut down the forrests they start to die.

Q. 2 "loss of biodiversity" means that they are cutting down the envirement and the forrests are getting smaller. most of oud cures come from the rain forrest and as we kill the plants more and more we kill the chances of us finding cures to a pleathera of diseses.

Sophia said...

question one- the penan tribes are native to the rain forests. They reley on the animals and plants there to give them the rescorses they need to live. Every day more and more trees are cut down and more animals die quickly lowering the resorses that the penan people need to survive.

question two- Loss of biodiversity means thing like the orangutans once had over a million of there kind now there are less then 30,000 left. This is happining to speacies all over the world because we are distroying there homes.

Question three- cutting down rain forsets is a quite a part of this little thing we have happining right now called GLOBAL WARMING!! When the trees are cut down the carbon is releasted into the air in the form of carbon dixocide. this is the 2ed largest cause of global warming. Things like this could (and in some cases are doing) change weather paterns, changs animals habataits, and veryius unkowns

ishara 7777777 continued said...

when the trees get cut down they decay and make carbon dioxide thus helping global warming

Jacob said...

1. The Penan people live in the rainforest, and rely on the natural resources there for their daily lives. The challenge they face is, because of deforestation, their home is dying. (Avatar movie O.o)
2. Loss of biodiversity is the loss of..biodiversity. There is less diversity of the species there, with some going extinct altogether, because the rainforests are being cut down.
3. Trees are responsible for regulating the oxygen and carbon levels in the atmosphere. Without them, there is an increasing imbalance of carbon in the atmosphere. The carbon acts like a blanket over the Earth, trapping heat.

The adolescent juvenile said...

q: Who are the Penan and what challenges do they face?
a: The Penan are a tribe in the Malaysian part of borneo. They are hunter gatherers and depend on the forests to survive. Logging and pollution is destroying their forest.

q: What does "loss of biodiversity" mean? Give an example.
a: A loss of biodiversity means a loss of variety in life. If someone cut down a lot of fruit trees, the weakest species that eats that fruit would die off from lack of fruit. Monkeys are an example of this.

q: How might deforestation lead to global warming?
a: A loss of oxygen from photosynthesis for one. Plants create oxygen for us to breathe and cut down the carbon dioxide. Also the way trees are disposed of leads to the release of carbon into the atmosphere.