Thursday, February 18, 2010


As we read and learn about the climates and living conditions in biomes around the world, we are also spending time thinking about how plants and animals have adapted qualities that allow them to survive in a wide range of physical settings. I’m always interested in seeing extreme examples of survival techniques. The world is covered in these examples, as life tends to find ways to survive in the harshest of environments. One example of this is the lungfish, which is one of the strangest animals I know of.


First watch the video about the lungfish and write a response about that crazy fish.

Then, pick a video from the same page about another animal and write a paragraph describing the adaptations that the animal has that allows it to survive in its biome.


Richard said...

This a very cool and crazy hibernating fish.

The chimpanzee has adapted to the jungle by having long limbs to be able to catch far away branches. They have four hands to make climbing easier each hand on is on both the legs and arms. These apes are very good survivors and make the jungle their home.

Jade! said...

The lungfish is really cool, it can survive for 4years in its mud____.

Elusive Leopards can climb with their sharp claws, they can bring their prey up there so nothing can get it. The Leopard can carry up to three times its body wait up to a tree. The leopards eat a lot, they have adapted to get very close and sneak up, and kill the prey. It can run at record breaking speeds to catch anything it wants.

Eve X3 said...

that fish is so cool. it is basically immortal.

The elephant shrew lives in the grass has adapted in its living situations by its fast movements and memory. the elephant shrew makes elaborate mazes of routes to escape from predators. they lead everywhere and they6 spend more than half of there day making sure that those trails stay clear of twigs and things.Eve

B-Square and Dan Rock like scientist!!! said...

This fish (Lung Fish) is the coolest and ugliest fish i have ever seen in my life fishing. The one thing i like about this fish is that it can breath in water or on land. The fish is ugly because it has a tadpole tail and a really weird looking body.

The other video i have picked is (swimming with- sharks.)

RE said...

Th Lung Fish has many skills that other fish don't have. They can breath air, dig, preserve itself in mud, and even go four years without food.
The shark is a huge animal. So how can it swim with so much grace? The answer is it's skin. It's skin is covered with denticals that can make swiming much smoother for the shark. They also protect the shark.

Brooke said...

The Lungfish is very interesting, and it really adapted to were it lives because if another type of fish were moved to southern africa they would die of the different type of water and weather type.

The star nosed mole is live a camera with feet. It lives underground in Canada and eastern USA. It has finger looking tenitles like things around its nose which can see for the mole. The nose actully feels for the mole and gives the mole a 3D picture of it seroundings up to it brain. it can see food for the mole also. The moe eats worms, grubs and other insects.

Diggy Dog D said...

How does the fishes organs allow it to feed on mud? What does it feed on in the water? Also is this considered an extreme organism

The chimps do not only feed on plants but they are also carnivores and feed on colobus monkeys. They work as a team to outsmart the colobus monkeys.

Nicole said...

I couldn't watch the lungfish video, or any video, for that matter. I don't know what to do...sorry!


Dan Cunitz said...

Hey Nicole, or anyone else trying to do their homework... you're right, the link is not currently working for some reason. Try again a little later. Sorry.

loves to ride said...

The lungfish lives in southern Africa. Even with its gils it has a modified swim blater that acts like a lung. Water levels will be high but then the sun will dry it up and fish will be left flapping on the mud. lungfish is the only fish that can cope but still at risk for predators they will find a safer place. That safer place is under the surface and to get there they eat and push the mud out with there gils. Once underground they will let out a special mucus that surrounds their body so they won’t dry out. It will harden and have a hole at the top to breathe and they can remain in this cacune like shell for four year and they will rely on there muscles and body fat to survive. Eventually the lungfish can die through poison of its own waste products.

sophie roxs said...

the lungfish is so creepy..but cool.

Beavers build dams to stop water from coming throught and freezing during the winter. The beaver can chop down 200 hundred trees per year and it can eat its way throughtr a tree thats 6 feet in diamiter in just a few hours.

loves to ride said...

The zebra black and white stripes help them be less noticeable because they are in a herd. This causes lions to have difficulties finding which one to go after because they don’t see color. So when the chase being the lion doesn’t know which one to focus on. This also causes flies to stay away from them and that makes them less likely to be bitten.

PS- for the lungfish one I thought you said write a paragraph but it turns out you didn't but I already wrote it so I put It up.

max said...

the fish is pretty cool like how it can sleep for years is pretty cool

chamelions come in all different shapes and sizes and there are hundreds of different kinds. chamelions change their color depending on their emotinal state. they are some of the worlds smallest plants which mean they must spot their pray from a distance.
the chamelions tongue is longer than its whole body with a rounded sticky tip so it can like shoot its tongue to catch prey.

ISYS ROX OUT LOUD!!!!! said...

The lungfish is an awesome fish that can survive in land and water. They take care of themselves and adapted in a way so that they can be able to live in both places.

the vampire bat has a nose the can smell when blood is near. when it gets too dark they see by hearing. they can ONLY eat, or drink blood. they can drink any mammal, even humans. if not knowing the bat was there, you wouldn't feel a thing.

BTW: sorry it's so late, i just felt so bad a weekend but here you go

The adolescent juvenile said...

That is one awesome fish.

The otter has adapted to sleeping in water by tying itself with kelp to keep from floating away. It breaks clams open by pounding them against the wall and it's fur has become waterproof so it doesn't get hypothermia.

logan said...

This is a very interesting subject and reminds me of the Snake Head Fish.

My other animal is on the Cheetah. In one stride it advances up to 25 feet and completes 4 strides in a second. The cheetahs spine is highly flexible and bends it to make the stride longer. It has permanent claws like a dog and has a long tail to keep balance when cornering. The organs in its body go faster when it starts to run, when it runs its breathing rate goes from 60 to 150.

Bob said...

Lungfish's can be found in Australia,south Africa,and Africa it has a modified bladder that lets it breathe air.

Variegated spider monkey is a endangered primate in columbia and argentina,they are large spider monkeys with a slow reproduce are making it longer to breed.

The adolescent juvenile said...

Sorry, I misread the assignment!

The Goshawk has adapted to hunting small mammals and other prey by flexing it's wings and tail at amazing speeds to avoid collision. It resides in forests such as ones in eastern europe and it is known that no aircraft even comes close to matching the Goshawk's maneuverability.

Nicole said...

The lungfish is very...interesting.

The gray squirrel will bury up to 3,000 red acorns in 3 weeks. This is known as scatter hoarding. Squirrels make a mental map of their environment. They use trees as landmarks. Some squirrels will spy on other squirrels to get their acorns.