Monday, April 28, 2008

Kingdom Protista

Kingdom Protista is an unusual grouping of organisms. It’s as if this is the place to put organisms if you don’t know where else to put them. Within this kingdom, organisms can be grouped in several ways. Protists are supposed to be eukaryotic and unicellular. They are eukaryotic, but not all of the protists are unicellular. Many of the algae-based organisms are multicellular and can grow to enormous sizes (like kelp). You can also group the protists according to how they obtain energy. Some are plantlike, some are animallike, and some absorb food from their surroundings like fungi. The vast differences within the Protist kingdom make it difficult for taxonomists to classify them. For example, how do you classify an organism like Euglena which eats food and conducts photosynthesis!?!

Research one of the following protists using the links provided. Write a detailed paragraph describing the organisms.
Slime Molds
Others worth exploring:


Sissy Spacek/ WIll said...

Diatoms are algae that photosynthesis, they are found in many locations all over our planet. In the dirt, the fresh water, marine waters, and any other wet place. They are nearly incapable of movement, but still can move a small amount. Their growth pattern varies, then can grow from 20 to 200 microns. If their corpses are preserved well they can turn into something primarily made of diatomites, which makes up many liquid products we have today.

x| Jory |x said...

Chytrids are known as the oldest fossil fungi ever. They date all the way back to the Vendian period which was 543 - 650 years ago in northern Russia. It is also known that chytrids are the sister group of currently existing fungi. Scientists have noticed this from evolution study. Studies of chytrids showed that they used to be completely aquatic and not terrestrial, which might be a sign that the kingdom of fungi began in the water. Another sign of this is that chytrids had a flagellum, which is used to help them swim through the water. It is the only type of fungi with a flagellum, so others might have lost the trait at one point. The last thing that chytrids have in common with current fungi is that they had chitin around their cell wall, this helps protect and defend the fungi.

Jiggles said...

Amoeba is nto just one organism it is many protists that have adapted so that it can crawl. There are many differernt types of amoeba which have adapted differently so they each different group of amoeba have a different life style. Amoeba have also been studied for many years as long as theh microscope was invented. they studied amoeba hoping to find out more on how the cells move.

david said...

Slime Molds

Slime Molds may look disgusting but they are interesting creatures. With their single cells they have thousands of nuclei. It’s so cool. They are part of the Kingdom Prostist. They can be seen under a relatively low microscope. Labyrinthulomycota or slime nets, are also called "slime molds",. Threre are so many things about them to know

nick said...

Euglena live in fresh water.It has a pigmented organell which acts like an eye to lead it towrds light. This helps it with photosynthizing.

Mike said...

Slime molds happen when a bunch of cells get stuck together. This helps scientists learn more about how cells move. They look like a bunch of worms stuck together. These creatures that make up Slime Molds are called Nuclei.

Kaldraga said...

Dinoflagellates are single-cellular microscopic organisms that are able to photosynthesize. This organism is in the Protist Kingdom. Also this organism is in something we all seen before. It's inside a plant called "Algae."

Kashkashmagosh (Kashi) said...

Rhodophyta, also called red algae, are photosynthetic. Their red color helps them absorb sunlight. Just like with maple trees, their color comes from pigment inside their skin. For hundreds of years, people have harvested them to use for sushi nori. Rhodophyta are also important to coral reefs, building more reef than the corals themselves. The types that build reefs are known as coralline algae.

Laura said...

Parameciums are classified in the protest kingdom, under the Ciliophora phylum and thrive in aquatic ecosystems. There are single celled organisms, and can be identified by tiny cilia that give them mobility, and cover their bodies. Parameciums are extremely advanced, and can perform tasks that are usually done by multi-cellular organisms. They also have a smaller nucleus besides their primary one, which does relatively less. Its main function is to reproduce new paramecium. They feed mainly on bacteria found in their aquatic homes.

callieangelbuffy said...


*dramatic music*In our air, waters, earth, and swamp-like-places there lurks an organism. They can barly move, but these algae that use photosynthesis are found everywhere. They can grow up to 200 microns and when deceased they turn into somethintg you find in our everyday products. We call these things... diatoms.

Kyri Brown said...

Diatoms are photosynthesising algae.They are found in almost every aquatic environment including fresh and marine waters, and soils.Diatoms are formally classified as belonging to the Division Chrysophyta, Class Bacillariophyceae. Diatoms are commonly between 20-200 microns in diameter or length, although sometimes they can be up to 2 millimeters long.

Q said...

slime molds are mostly enormous single cells with thousands of nucleis. they form flagellated cells that combine or fuse together. so most of their lives they spend seperating as a single celled amoeboid.

Trevor said...

Chytrids, the oldest known fungi fossil from Northern Russia. Chytrids tell alot about other fungi, it is aquatic so mabye fungi started from water. Their reproductive cells flagellum which allows them to swim. Like other fungi Chytrids have chitin which strenthens their cells wall.

Maximus said...

Dinoflagellates are usually microscopic, algae. They are characterized by two flagellum one that encircles the body and a another trailing behind. Dinoflagellates have a unique nuclear structure at some stage in there life a dinokaryotic nucleus which is different from eukaryotic or prokaryotic nucleus. Both carnivorous and herbaceous dinoflagellates are in existence, some are both carnivorous and herbaceous. dinoflagellates form a big part of the production of plankton in both oceans and lakes. these little algae are important to many ecosystems so pleas don't kill them.

Chaz said...

Due to it's green color, Euglena at first was thought by scientists to be a plant. However, it moves by itself, and plants can't do that, so it was eventually categorized as an animal. Euglena is a cell in the Kingdom Protista. It is found in freshwater. The tail at the end of a Euglena cell pulls it throughout the water so it can travel.

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