Thursday, March 13, 2008

Threats to the ocean's ecosystem

One overwhelming threat to the ocean's vast ecosystem is the massive quantities of garbage that has been dumped into it. This trash is overwhelming to the plants and animals that attempt to survive there.
Go to the following website and read and/or watch the news report. Answer the following questions:
  • What substance is creating the biggest problem in the pollution of the oceans?
  • What types of organisms are having the most trouble with pollution and why?
  • Why did the report say, "plastic doesn't pollute, people pollute?"

Extra Credit: What is the "synthetic sea of the North Pacific Gyre?"


Q said...

the biggest problem in the ocean is that their's a lt of trash and it's populating the water. the jellyfish is th organism that has the problem because the plastic is inside the jellyfish making it to grow beyound its actually size. they say that humans populate because they throw a lot of trash in the ocean making it harder for organisms in te ocean like the jelly fish to survive. humans dump a lot of waste in the oceans and populating te water and it has so much trash in the ocean.

david said...

1. Aluminum cans are one of the biggest problems also oils are killing the fish that are important to other depending fish eaters. But to tell you the truth any kind of pollution is bad
2. Fish that need dissolved oxygen to live which are all aquatic organisms are having hard times to breathe under water not just one kind of fish. But its our fault.
3. It means that people are polluting the earth.

Chaz said...

The substance that is creating the biggest problem in the pollution of the oceans is plastic. The types of organisms that are having the most trouble with pollution are jellyfish because when the plastic crumbles, they mistake it for food, and they can’t digest plastic, so it stays in their bodies. The report said, "plastic doesn't pollute, people pollute," because we are the ones dropping all of the plastic on the ground, and then it gets washed away into sea from the rain. Just because the plastic is made, doesn’t mean that the factories are responsible for all of the pollution.

Laura said...

1. Plastic creates the biggest problems in the ocean because it is so widely and heavily used. The content of plastic even outweighs the amount of plankton in the water of the north Pacific. 2. Jellyfish’s delicate strands are getting deeply entangled with floating trash. They also sometimes mistake garbage for food, which makes a harmful impact on their diet. 3. Plastic is an inanimate object that isn’t responsible for itself being thrown into the ocean. We people as a global community have to take responsibility for this. 4. The North Pacific Gyre is an area where currents move in circles, trapping anything that enters the area. It’s called a synthetic sea because so much trash from the ages has been caught there; it’s filled with overwhelming amounts of artificial human waste.

Kyri said...

What substance is creating the biggest problem in the pollution of the oceans?
the problem is plastic is being disposed in the ocean.
What types of organisms are having the most trouble with pollution and why?
Jellyfish are eating the plastic and the plastic is getting tangled in the jellyfish's tenticles
Why did the report say, "plastic doesn't pollute, people pollute?"
because the reason that the plastic is in the ocean is the people not the plastic

>>Jory said...

1) The largest problem when it comes to the ocean is trash such as bottles and several plastics. This garbage gets into the sea and chokes/kills fish and other aquatic organisms.

2) I think that species of jellyfish have the most trouble because they think that trash is food. They can not digest the trash, causing it to be stuck within them.

3) Garbage/plastic does not put itself in the ocean, humans are the ones that do not do a good enough job of controlling how much garbage we use and where it goes.

Kashi said...

Plastic is the substance creating the pollution problem. Many animals mistake plastic for food. Jellyfish get their tentacles tangled in nets. They think that bits of plastic are plankton. When they eat plastic, it becomes part of their skin. The report says "Plastic doesn't pollute, people pollute," because we all use and throw away plastic.

callieangelbuffy said...

extra credit- the synthetic sea of the North Pacific Gyre is a sea where there is so much litter and waste that it has more plastic in it than it does plankton.

callieangelbuffy said...

The substance creating the biggest problem in the pollution of oceans is plastic and the organism having the most trouble with this pollution is the jellyfish because they think plastic is their food so they eat it which causes their bodies harm. I completely agree with the report saying, "plastic doesn't pollute, people pollute" because plastic is a hydrocarbon that was made into something for humans to use it's like the phrase, "guns don't kill people, people kill people" meaning guns aren't the ones who pull the trigger it's humans.

Mike said...

Plastic is creating the biggest problem in the pollution of the oceans. Animals eat it and it could be deadly and contaminated. Take a look at the poor jellyfish. It has plastic inside of it. Another one has plastic tangled in its stinger thingy's. Plastic does not jump out of peoples hands and jump into the ocean. People drop plastic into the ocean. Plastic is not an organism.

Jiggles said...

The substance ethat is creatinig the biggest problem is plastic. that is in thte eform of bottles,containers,and some sort of plastic wrap that is easily able to get caught in or around the animal. theh aniumals that are havini the most trouoble are the jelly fish and regular fish because they are easily able to get caught in alot of the trash.
the report said that plastic didnt pollute andn that people pollute because theh plastic cant just get to the ocean somoeonen has got to put it there.

redrum said...

plastic is the main problem in this area. When the reporter says that plastic is not the problem, an dthat people are he means that we created the plastic and it is our fault. The main organism having the largest amount of trouble is the Jellyfish. They are not very intelligent and hav begun to think of plastic as a food, aswell as getting caught in it.

mal said...

What substance is creating the biggest problem in the pollution of the oceans?
The biggest problem i think is the
uses of plastic it being coming too over wellming to clean up.

What types of organisms are having the most trouble with pollution and why?
The organisms that is having the most trouble is the jelly fish because as plastic age it brake down in the jelly fish thinks that it's food and the plastic gets stock in the jelly fish.

Why did the report say, "plastic doesn't pollute, people pollute?"
The reson that they said is because
we are the maker of plastic we use it all the time in we don't do what
we should to keep the world unpolluted.

Eli said...

The biggest pollution in the ocean is plastic. Plastic is so vastly across the ocean, that in some places, like the synthetic sea of the north pacific gyre, there is actually more pollution then there is life. I find this very disturbing, especially because of all the creatures that are dying because of us. Some humans just think, "Animals can deal with it themselves," when the problem is so vast, that they can't without our help.

Trevor said...

The biggest problem in the polution of the ocean right now is plastic. Discarded toys, cups, soda holders, and other things that people carelessly dump into the ocean. Birds are one of the organisms that are being most affected by this because plastic rings get wrapped around their neck.
People use the plastic and people dump the plastic so therefore people pollute the ocean.

Maximus said...

the biggest source of trash is plastic. the article says that people are the problem because people make the plastic, people dump the plastic and people don't clean up the plastic. because of this some animal's are getting hurt like the jelly fish. the jelly are hurt so much because they think that the little bits of plastic are food and eat it if they don't get the plastic out they get hurt and may die.

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