Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dissolved Oxygen And BlogTests!

Today we were talking about rivers and we discussed some reasons why there was less dissolved oxygen (DO) available in the water as the river descended down a mountainside. It was a conundrum, because logic would assume that there would be more oxygen because there are more aquatic plants as a river slows down. While it’s true that aquatic plants, like seaweed, do produce dissolved oxygen, there is an overriding principle that guides the amount of DO in a water supply. Temperature of water has a direct impact on the amount of DO available.

By the way, we erred in our method of collecting the sample for DO. I challenge you to find the error.

Your ecoplots have transformed dramatically since we first visited them. Your teams have come up with many astute observations about the ways in which organisms interact. What can you tell so far about the health of the ecosystem?
On a single sheet of paper, write a five paragraph essay. Use at least five facts from your science log to reinforce your observations.
Describe the ways in which your ecoplot is a vibrant ecosystem. Describe the ways that it may be limited.


Mikyelle AKA Mike said...
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nick said...


callieangelbuffy said...

the error was that the measurements for how much water were wrong

Laura said...

yeah I see how the temperature of the water effects it and all, but I'm still curious on if the speed of the water causes there to be more or less oxygen or something. because I can't see any other reasons. As for the error in the experiments, I have no idea.