Monday, February 11, 2013

Nuclear Power!

This week we will discuss the first non-fossil fuel related energy source. Nuclear energy is a way for us to get electricity without burning coal. In some ways, nuclear power is an extremely clean way to get electricity because there is no carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. However, nuclear power comes with significant risks and challenges. Many people believe that it is definitely not worth it.


Watch the video below.  Write down 3-5 facts about nuclear power that you learned from the video. Then, write down a couple of sentences describing whether you think you support or oppose nuclear power. Give detail as to your reasons.

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Anonymous said...

In nuclear power plants there are two types of ways to get energy.There is boiling water and pressurized water.In the pressurized water way the water is heated up and pumped up and reheated again.

I oppose nuclear power because it is bad for the environment.Although it dosent use fossil fuels it is still
bad.It is bad for water also.

Anonymous said...

I did not know that one power machine can cause a nuclear reaction if not stable. It takes 5,760 rods of uranium to power the machine.

Marshalia13 said...

Nuclear energy creates energy the same way fossil fuels create electricity. Nuclear energy facility provides clean, safe electricity 24/7. Steam runs through a turbine, which goes through a generator. This creates electricity. However, there is a slight difference: Nuclear energy happens when splitting atoms release heat. All operators are designed, made and operated with special care. Nuclear energy the the most SAFEST energy in the world. A boiling water reactor boils water into steam, which turns a turbine, which is returned to regular water and returned to the core. Pressurized water reactors are like boiling water reactor but works differently. Additional security is in place to shut the energy down just in case. In my opinion, I see a good side to nuclear energy, but nuclear energy is still bad.

browneyedgirl said...

I didn’t know how expensive it was to do all this or how much of a danger it was. I find that nuclear power is a growing energy source it uses two ways the boiling and the pressurized. Yes it does hurt the environment but it is a great alternative to fossil fuels and has not yet lived up to its full potential. We just need to figure out how to use more of the energy that is lost in the process. So I do support it.

Anonymous said...

Nuclear power is pretty cool. Uranium atoms are unstable, so neutrons speed up in water, and crash into other uranium atoms. The atoms get shattered and release energy. In this shattering, more neutrons are released, shattering more atoms, releasing more neutrons, etc. The energy released is used to heat water and make steam, going through all those steps we learned from Dan. It produces a lot of energy too. Of course there are some downsides. These neutrons aren’t going to stop. They’ll just keep going. Unless of course they are handled properly. Another downside is that after the atom have been split apart and all the neutrons flew away, we have radioactive waste. These are very hot as well as radioactive, so they must be stored underwater for 10 years. That takes up a lot of water. Of course, if all that is handled properly, there’s not too much of a problem. But where are you going to get all that uranium? There’s a certain kind of ore where you can find uranium, but it’s only %0.25 uranium. So huge amounts of it have to be mined for a small amount of uranium, and you need a LOT of uranium to power a nuclear reactor. Such huge mining projects make big holes harming the Earth. Balance the pros and cons as you will. Everyone has their opinion.

Anonymous said...

The reactor core is a big round disc with slots that hold radioactive tubes. Uranium is packed in 1 1/2 foot long rods. You need to be able to stop a nuclear chain reaction or you get nuclear meltdown. We have to store the rods in water for ten years until we can use them again because they get so hot. There are 482 tubes in the core. I’m confused if nuclear power is good or bad for the world. I want to learn more about how nuclear power works.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that you had to store the waste in water before you disposed of it! After I learned that fact, almost immediately, I chose to not support nuclear power plants/energy. The fact that they also have the workers at the plant do full body scans every time they leave to go home is proof by itself how dangerous nuclear energy is. I also learned that they have to send in robots into the core to fix it after a year because the core is so hot they can't send in humans. The video didn't say how they dispose of the waste after it was stored in water for ten years, but I'm pretty sure that even after its disposed of its would still give off radio active energy.

Anonymous said...

While watching the video on Dcscienceworld, i learned that Canada consumes almost 600,000 gigawatt hours of electricity a year and 16% of that power is nuclear. In Ontario, Canada, Bruce Power, one of the worlds largest nuclear power plants, produces at least 750 megawatts of power a year and that’s enough to power a city with the population of 5 million. Each Uranium rod Covered in Zirconium alloy can produce enough heat to make over 1,000,000 kilowatt hours of electricity.

Anonymous said...

I think that its crazy that they can have truck fulls of rock and things and they only get a little about of uranium but its worth it with all the electric it produces.

Anonymous said...

Uranium is found in a rock called pitchblende.
Uranium goes into the reactor.
uranium produces 100 kilowatts of electricity
uranium turns water into steam which spins the turbine
nuclear waste is dangerous
rods go into water to cool

I am opposed with nuclear energy because it seems really dangerous and unsafe. The workers have to wear big suit’s to protect themselves. Also what seems dangerous is the fact that it generates so much waste that is dangerous. The most dangerous aspect is that if anything goes wrong and it fills up too fast then it could blow up

Anonymous said...

The generator produces energy
Power plants runs on coal
Are the safest
Many safety procedures
Boiled water produces steam
After its boiled the steam turns back into water
After it returns back to water, it goes back to the core to repeat the cycle again
In a pressurized one instead of a boiling one, it prevents the container its in prevents the water from boiling, even if the water gets to a extremely high temperature
The hot water goes through many different pipes which goes into the generator, powering it with the steam.
It turns the steam into electricity.

I don’t necessarily support it, but I wouldn’t say that I’m totally against it. The way they used steam to make electricity was interesting to me, because I had no previous knowledge on this subject prior to watching that video. At first, I was a bit surprised that a machine could prevent very hot water from boiling with a simple container then eventually turn it into electricity for us to use. With the other machine that allows the water to be boiled goes through many different pipes as steam until it returns to the bottom, turning back into water