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As we pursue our understanding of biomes, we will work to break down the differences between them. The first one that we are studying, the rainforest, is quite possibly the most complex. One of the most complex ecosystems in the world, rainforests are also one of the most endangered. Humans are cutting down huge sections of this vibrant ecosystem at an alarming rate. Given that new species are being discovered all the time, it is disheartening to think about the plants and animals that will disappear without our even knowing about it.


Go to the following website: ScienceDaily

Pick an article to read about the rainforest.

Read the article and write a paragraph synopsis of the article.


ich ben ine berliner said...

The article I read was titled "Impact of Land Use Activity in the Amazon Basin Evaluated"Impact of Land Use Activity in the Amazon Basin Evaluated".

The article is about how human active's is impacting the amazon river basin.

It starts out with a brief but interesting bun. Then it goes on to describe some of the changes we are causing. After that, it presents the facts. Finally, it closes with a warning about how Brazil should change its environmental impact.

i am a jelly doughnut said...

Der Artikel, den ich las, war mit dem Titel "Impact of Land Use Activity in Amazonien Evaluated" "Impact of Land Use Activity in Amazonien untersucht.

Der Artikel handelt davon, wie Menschen aktiv ist wirkt sich auf das Amazonasbecken.

Es beginnt mit einem kurzen, aber interessanten Brötchen. Dann geht es weiter, um einige der Veränderungen, die wir verursacht zu beschreiben. Danach stellt sie den Tatsachen. Schließlich schließt sie mit einer Warnung darüber, wie Brasilien sollten ihre Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt zu verändern.

danceMAGICdance said...

Some guy in Indonesia took a public bus and a bunch of rare birds to a pet trade, which is illegal, so he got arrested. He had more than twenty cockatoos, parrots, peacocks, birds of paradise and some other rare birds. He was arrested on a bus in Jakarta going to Medan. The birds were in baskets and cages when the WCS’s Wildlife Crime Unit and the Anti Wildlife Trade Forum found them. The smuggler was being tracked by the BKSDA and the Wildlife Crime Unit from the Bakauheni Seaport. That place is a main smuggling route for illegal wildlife. The WCS’s Wildlife Crime Unit said that the economic loss for the birds on the international market could be fifty grand. That’s a lot. It’s really good that they caught the guy because those birds are very important.

Anonymous said...

A researcher at the University of Missouri-Columbia has examined the slash-and-burn farming method traditionally used by the Iban. It is a type of farming. This is when you cut down tree to make a way for farmlands. This method it a proplem for them to use farmland as a way of making oil

Anonymous said...

Why are there so many species of tree frogs in the Amazon rainforest? The answer might explain why the rainforest is so diverse. Tree frogs are important because they are common and you can study them and get a better idea of the rainforest. In fact outside the Amazon basin there are the same number of tree frogs as in all of North America. The reason for this commonalty is not because of temperature. It is because the tree frogs stay where their ancestors stay and not where they move. This means that if we kill the home of the tree frogs than it could take a long time for this level of diversty to happen again.

Anonymous said...

I read

Why More Species Live in Amazon Rainforests: Evolution of Treefrogs Sheds Light On the Mystery

Julian said...

Recently teams of scientists in Borneo have unearthed a Miller’s Grizzled Langur. Their Borneo’s rarest species of primates. Up until now there were actually considered extinct, or on the border of being completely gone. The sighting’s, which have been published in the American Journal of Primatology, verifies that the species still exists. The monkey was also found in an area were the species has previously not been known to live. Similar Primates to the Grizzled Langur are found throughout southern Asia( Indonesia and Malaysia). The Grizzled Langur may be one of the most endangered species in the world. There numbers have deteriorated due to humans taking their territory and using it for agriculture and mining.

1sweet1 said...

The article i read was called "Impact of land use Activity in the Amazon Basin Evaluated."

The Article talked about how human land activity changes water and energy cycles. Apparently us humans have been part of the Amazon basin river system for thousands of years. Plus the river produces 20% of the worlds fresh water. If Brazil is to become a major economic power. Then people have to manage and guide any changes in that region.

Meh said...

The article that I chose was titled, "New Primate Species Discovered on Madagascar."
It was about a new species of mouse lemurs discovered only 50km away from a different type of mouse lemurs. The new species was giant compared to the other one. The article went on to talk about how these mouse lemurs most likely only lived in a specific area of that particular forest and how deforestation is posing a threat of extinction to them.
A mouse lemur looks like a giant, fat ferret with huge eyes.

The Cheese said...


I read a article called "Tiny Frogs Discovered in New Guinea"

Two LSU students, Chris Austin and Eric Rittmeyer, discovered a new species of frogs. The one they found is claimed to be the smallest living vertebrate. They were in New Guinea on a three-month long expedition. The frog, Paedophryne amauensis, was very difficult to fine, but it was worth it to them.

Anonymous said...

This article explains how destroying the Amazon will affect us. Brazil has created controlled forest fires in the Amazon. This is how they have been clearing land for industrial purposes. There is a couple of positive results and way to many negative outcomes. I’m not even mentioning the positive thing but the negatives; in 2004 Brazil’s forests fires burned 28,000 square kilometers of the Amazon. To destroying the Amazon your reason better involve something bigger than money and materials that can be bought somewhere else.

Harrison said...

New Species in Rain Forest

A German research team discovered that a new primate species lives in the Sahafina Forest. This is a forest in eastern Madagascar, a forest that has not been studied before. The name of the new species is named “Gerp's mouse lemur” (Microcebus gerpi), after the research team. Several of the reaserchers have visited the Sahafina Forest in 2008 and 2009 to see the lemurs.

AJL said...

Bird smuggler.
On December 11, 2011the smuggler was tracked and arrested by BKSDA ( Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam) and the Wildlife Crime Unit from Bakauheni Seaport. There is a waterway between the two islands which is a big smuggling route for transporting illegal wildlife. Many of the people had different comments about the whole thing. For instance Mr. Darori the Director General Forest Protection and Natural Conservation, Ministry of Forestry said “We believe that protected wildlife from eastern Indonesia is currently being smuggled abroad via Medan". "The smugglers are trying to find alternative routes since both the seaport and airport in Jakarta are strongly monitored and protected by our officers." This is what happen with the bird smuggler on December 11 2011.

StandByMeIsTheBestMovieEver said...

Bird Smuggler Busted in Indonesia

The article that I read was about bird smuggling in Indonesia. It talked about a smuggler who was arrested transporting the birds on a public bus.Recently Indonesia has made a commitment to preventing illegal pet trade. Birds in Indonesia have faced problems with illegal pet trade as well as their habitats being destroyed.