Monday, January 31, 2011

Nonrenewable Energy

Except for the sun and the occasional meteorite falling to Earth from space, the Earth contains all of the natural resources that humans and animals use to survive. Some of those resources feel abundant, like we will never run out of them, while others feel less stable. Nonrenewable resources are a type of resource that is limited in our Earth and mostly refer to the energy source known as “fossil fuels.” There is only a certain amount of fossil fuels in the Earth and humans are using them at a much faster rate than they can be replaced. There will be more fossil fuel in time, but it will take another several million years for it to form, which will probably not do the human population much good. But how much time do we have before we run out? This is a question that is unanswered and hotly debated in the scientific community. I believe that your generation will be the one to come up with the answer.


Go to the following website:

Answer the following questions in your own words. Please use examples from your own life to back up your answers.

1- What is energy? (Do not say “the ability to do work”)

2- What is the difference between potential and kinetic energy?

Give two examples from potential and two examples from kinetic energy in your real life.


ikc said...

There are many forms of energy, such as electrical, mechanical, and chemical. Or are there really just two types of energy - kinetic energy and potential energy? We explain why both views are sort of right. We also explain that work and heat are energy transfer processes. This is the "Nit-Picky" energy page for noble explorers of energy (and teachers, and more advanced students about junior high or above).

Anonymous said...

energy is the reason are bodys can opprate
potental energy is not in motion it is still knetic energy is motion
knetic energy: walking lissoning to music
potental energy charging my computer puting batteres in the romote

Bobby said...

Answer the following questions in your own words. Please use examples from your own life to back up your answers.

1- What is energy?- Energy allows change.

2- What is the difference between potential and kinetic energy? - Potential Energy is stored Energy, and the energy of position. Kinetic Energy is the motion of atoms, electrons ect. So the difference between the two is that kinetic energy is energy being used. And potential energy is Energy that is being stored and not being used. A example of this is when i throw something. And a example of potential energy is when someone is using a Trebuchet because it uses counter gravity to launch objects.

secretroomintheatticyea said...

Energy is how we do everything we do. Whenever I do anything I use energy. The two kinds of energy are stored energy and working energy. Stored energy is potential energy.Working energy is kinetic energy. When you eat pizza your body stores it as energy for later then when you do an activity you use the energy. Kinetic energy is physical energy being applied to an object like a person kicking a ball.

ikc said...

use it to do things for us. It moves cars along the road and boats over the water. It bakes a cake in the oven and keeps ice frozen in the freezer. It plays our favorite songs on the radio and lights our homes. Energy is needed for our bodies to grow and it allows our minds to think.

amir lewis said...

1. What is energy? Energy: Energy is something valuable to us. We use energy in our everyday life by using transportation, lights, refrigerators, and much more. We take advantage of our energy by using it too much. Also there is physical energy. We use that also in our everyday life by walking, running, even thinking.
2. What is the difference between potential and kinetic energy?
Potential energy is stored energy. Kinetic energy is motion.
3. 2 examples of kinetic energy: ball being thrown, jumping.

Isys said...

Energy is the way anybody does anything.
Potentail is stored energy, where as Kinetic is moveing energy.
I think the steam for the hot water is kept somewhere in the pipes, which is a example Potentail energy. The radiator heat keeps coming and coming during the winter-Kinetic.

L said...

energy is a force that gets things done and makes things happen. it changes things so that life might get somewhere.

potential energy is just what it sounds like. the energy can do something but it isn't. kinetic energy is the opposite. energy that is doing something or going somewhere.

i use potential energy in my mattress cover and in any thing that uses batteries. kinetic energy is not as hard to find. light heat sound and electricity are all staples in any house.

Thing One! said...

1.) What is energy?!?

Energy can be used for vigorous activity. Energy is like are servant kind of, it does work for us, making are life's easier, and less complicated.

2.) What is the difference between potential and kinetic energy?!?

Kinetic energy, its the energy of a body or a system due to motion. An example of Kinetic energy is someone running, jumping, or a soccer ball being kicked.

Potential energy is energy stored in an object, soothing that isn't doing any work at the moment. Potential energy is when gravity is pulling downwards. Examples of Potential energy, a car sitting on top of a hill.

brokenglassintheattic said...

Energy is in a way change, in that without it there is no change. Kinetic energy (sound, thermal) is motion and potential energy is stored (coal, oil…) energy. I use chemical, gravitational energy, sound, and thermal energy in my daily bases because I use electricy and I use a car to get plases and I use thermal energy nad sound to heat and amuse me.

Platypuses and Chinchillas said...

Energy is something that makes change possible, and makes our life more comfortable for us by doing work for us, or helps us do work. Potential and kinetic energy are the two main forms of energy. Potential energy is energy that is stored in some way, such as the battery in my phone. Kinetic energy is in motion, and I guess it's not stored, but is creating energy as it goes, like exercising.

Thing two :) said...

What is energy? Energy helps create change.

What is the difference between potential and kinetic energy? Kinetic energy is moving energy, for example a firework or someone going up a hill when they get to the top its now potential energy. Potential energy stored energy.

HurricaneSmokey said...

Well energy has a lot of uses like when we use the phone when we use electronics the electricity in out home so basically energy is basically what make life run or happen.

Potential energy is energy that is stored and use for later Kinetic energy is energy that is working right now an example from Potential is food it has energy in it and we store it in our body's and we store energy when we are charging an electronic and use it for later.

We use Kinetic energy when we walk or run or do anything else that is psychical because we are in motion.

insanity prawn boy said...

1. Energy is one of our most depended resources, it gives us light, sound, and many other useful things that we use everyday.

2. The difference between potential energy and kinetic energy is that potential energy is stored energy, as well as the energy of position, and kinetic energy is the energy of movement.

kujo93 said...

(1) Energy is the thing providing the potential to accomplish an activity.
(2) Potential energy can more easily be contained, while Kinetic energy is more like light or sound which is more difficult to contain.

(a) Potential: battery
(b) Potential: pendulum
(c) Kinetic: sun
(d) Kinetic: lightning

a type of cookie said...

Question 1: What is Energy
- Energy is what helps us along in live and have change. Energy helps us with everything from driving a car to baking a cake.

Question 2: what is the difference between potential and kinetic energy?
-Potential is energy that has been stored and kinetic is energy that is moving and is the motion of things like waves.

Question 3: give two examples of kinetic and potential energy in real life.
-Well two examples of Kinetic are: 1. playing music through headphones, horseback riding, chewing.

potential - things that use batteries, a parked car

el muchos said...

Energy is the force behind everything, from lighting a house, to knocking an apple out of a tree. Potential energy is stored energy, in other words it is energy that is not currently being put to use. If a piece of uranium is just sitting there, it would be considered potential energy. Kinetic energy, is energy currently in use. If a piece of uranium is generating radiation, it would be considered kinetic energy. A good example of both types of energy is a fire place. If the kindling is just laying there, it would be considered potential energy, when the fire starts and the kindling is ignited, it would be considered kinetic energy. The same could be applied to a train standing still, then moving.

Anonymous said...

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