Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Mollusk!

There are approximately 85,000 species of mollusk in the world. Mollusks have soft bodies and many of them live in hard shells. The gastropods, like snails and slugs, are the most classified of all of the mollusks and make up about 80% of the total. Cephalopod mollusks, like the giant squid or the cuttlefish, are some of the most neurologically advanced of all the invertebrates.


Watch two of the videos below and write down 10 questions (total) for both videos. Please make sure you describe which videos you watched.


Jade! said...

1.) How do the Nudibranch sea slugs get all the beautiful colors???

2.) Why are they so poisonous???

3.) what makes the Nudibranch so adaptable to different climates???

4.) If you cook them or fry them would they still be poisonous for people to eat???

5.) Does the Nucibranch stay in groups or travel on its own???

6.) What do the Nochibranch eat???

7.) Do they live in anything? or just stay wherever???

8.) Is there anything that can eat them? or is it piousness to all???

9.) Do they bite?

10.) Are they slimy

~~~Zombie Snails~~~

1.) Is there a way the snails can avoid the worms?

2.) Does this happen to all the zombie worms? or just some?

3.) Why does the snail love shade so much?

4.) And if so the slug loves shade why does it go up towards the hot sun

5.) How long does it take the snail to climb up that tree???

6.) Will the bird be infected if the worms go in it?

7.) Can other types of snails have this happen to them???

8.) What eles does the snail eat that will not infect it with worms???

9.) Do all the zombie snails live together in a family???

10.) Were the worms always causing problems for the zombie snails


☠☣☢B-Square and Dan Rock like scientist☺♻✡☠ said...

1. why do mollusks live in the anemones?
2. do mollusk have eyes?
3. how do octopus camouflage?
4. How does any animal camouflage its self?
5. what are the cells called that the cuttlefish have?
6. do the cuttlefish cuttle with you?
7. why don't cuttlefish have spines?
8. how do clams live under water?
9. how do clams breath?
10. what do clams eat?

RE said...

what is the third category she says?(mp)
how do mollusks reproduce?(mp)
how do slugs go up?(ss)
do slugs have teeth?(ss)
where does the rope of mucus come from?(ss)
what is the blue thing made of?(ss)
how do worms take over minds?(zs)
what is inside a mollusk?(Lego)
what are fronds?(fn)
witch is best at camouflage?(camo k/m)

Diggy Dog D said...

I watched the first two videos on our website

Many Nudibranch sea slugs release chemicals that make them inedible?

How do you know which sea slugs are edible and which are poisonous?

How does the nudibranch sea slug create color?

Does the leopard slug reproduce asexually?

How does the mucus hold the 2 slugs weight as they slowly descend down from the batch of the tree.

After the slugs reproduce do they just abandoned each other.

Does the fall from the tree batch hurt the slug?

Which slug falls forma the tree branch?

Are nudibranch sea slugs symmetrical?

What ethnic eats sea slugs most often?

Bob said...

1.How do some of the snails get their colors? Are the colors the mucus?
What does their poison consist of?
3.How many teeth do mollusks have
4.How do they reproduce
5.How long do the poisonous snails ect stay poisonous after death
6.How long would it take for a snail to crawl 3 miles?
7.Can a parasite infect a parasite?
8.How long would it take for salt to kill a snail?
9.How do clams reproduce
10.Can snails hurt if they bite you?If so does it hurt?

Mr.bob said...

zombie snails
-------------------------------------1) do the snails die? (they don't really say)
2) do the snails get the worms by going over the bird poo, or by eating them?
3)is there a cure?
4)could this happen to other animals?
5)why dose the bird not get poisoned, how come it only lays eggs?
6)is there anything else that will do the same, or almost the same thing to the poor snail?
7)can we get infected by them?
8)how come they need the snail?
9)why do they need the birds to lay their eggs, why cant they lay them their selves, are they lazy?
10)were those black dots i saw in the big fat antennas the eyes of the worm?

Snail Sex

1)why are we aloud to watch this?
2)how did the white mucus-like stuff turn blue?
3)dose this have a scientific name?
4)how did the slugs climb the tree?
5)when the snail drop did it die?
6)if it didn't die how come it stopped moving?
7)how long is it before the slug has the baby?
8)dose she lay an egg?
9)are the antennas the eyes?
10)was the slug sucking the other slugs tail?

why dan why?? said...

1) do mollusks really have anything to do with sea cucumbers?

2) why is one of the videos lego and another finding nemo?

3) would you find the nud. sea slugs in the us?

4) could the sea slugs hurt the people taking the photos underwater?

5) can mollusks move or for that matter can sea cucumbers?

6) why with animals and insects and other creatures why are the beautiful ones more then half the time the dangerous ones?

7) is there a way do de-poison the sea slugs?

8) are there any other slugs that have such vibrant colors besides the nibidranch sea slug?

9) do clown fish even interact with mollusks?

10) how do the sea sluges get there amazing colors?

Eve X3 said...

~NOVA- kings of camouflage~

1.are cuttle fish only for bait? or can your eat them

2. How does the cuttle fish change there appearance as fast as they do?

3. what same characteristics do the cuttle fish and the squid share?

4.how do those two ways of changing color work?

5.so how smart are they?

~zombie snails~

6. how do the worms enter the snails body?

7. does it hurt the snail?

8. Do they notice what had happened to them?

9.do they have any control over what their body is doing?

10. can this parasite infect bigger animals?

Nicole said...

---Zombie snails---

1. Why do the snail's anntenas turn colorful and rainbow-like?
2. Why are the snails eating bird poop?

3. Can you find mullosks in the sand?
4. Do their shells come in different colors?
5. Do mullosks have eyes?
6. Can mullosks realy move?
---Monty Python---
7. Why do the people have numbers on their backs?
8. What's a headfoot?
9. What does the headfoot do?
10. Why were they talking about snail sex?

Ori said...

Nudibranch sea slug

What does there color do for them?
Can they release a chemical if in danger to protect themselves?
Where are they found?

I meet the cuttlefish

Can it camouflage?
Does cuttle have any defenses?
What do the cells give the cuttlefish ability to do ?
What are the two ways they create color and patterns?
Do they have a brain?

logan said...

Zombie Snail
1. How do the Parasites take the brain over?

2. Can the parasite take over the another animals brain?

3. Is that the only thing that parasite can do to the snail?

4. How does the worm reproduce?


5. What are the chemicals made of?

6. Why are they very adaptable?

7. Do the colors have defensive abilities?

8. Why aren't they edible?

9. How many types of Nudibranch are there?

10. Are there any in Greenland?

Richard said...

zombie snail
1. how do the parasites take over the snails mind?
2. why would the snails eat bird poop?
3. how does the snail survive the bird attack?
4. how does the snail see with the parasites in it's eye tentacles?
5. how many parasites can be in one snail?
6. how long will it take for the snail's tentacle to grow back?
7. how long will a snail last in the sun?
8. how many eggs can be laid in the bird poop?

WEEN the mollusk
1. why use legos?
2. why sing a song?

Brooke said...

1.how do they change color?
2.whats there natural color?
3.can they also change there shape to fit in the setting that the are camouflaged in?
4.can their skin change into a different texture also?
5.do they eat meat?
6.are they mammals?
7.where are they found?
8.what eats them?
9.where is their heart located?
10.where are all their organs located at?