Monday, January 4, 2010

The Food Web

All organisms, living or dead, are potential food sources for other living organisms. A caterpillar eats a leaf, a robin eats the caterpillar, and a hawk eats the robin. Decomposers consume the leaf, caterpillar, robin and hawk after they die. therefore, there is very little matter wasted in natural ecosystems. The food chain, or the more realistic food web, are ways to model the energy that gets transferred from one organism to the next. As you can see from the pyramid, it takes many more producers to support a group of herbivores and many more herbivores to support carnivores.

Go to the following websites and complete the activities at each site.
Make three to five observations based on your experience going through the activities.


Bob said...

Here are some of my observations

1.The the food chain in one of those games was big

2.Their are alot of herbivores

3. There are few scavengers

Eve X3 said...

The observations i made where 1. killer whales are just as big a carnivore as a leopard seal. 2. that skunks eat lizards 3. that there are many more carnivores than anyhting else on the food chain. 4. that krill eats zoo plankton

B-Square and Dan Rock like scientist!!! said...

I have found out that:

1. killer whales and sea lions are at the top of the food chart for Antarctic.

2. Dolphin, Tiger sharks and octopus are all the way up at the top of the marine life food chart.

3. I just learned that the lion is not up top of the food chain I was always told that it was. Instead the vulture took its spot I am so surprised.

That is what I have found out about the food charts.

Nicole said...

The observations i made were,

1. There are more carivores than omnivores, herbavores ect.
2. jaguars eat skunks, which is pretty odd.
3. There aren't a lot of scavengers.

Jade! said...

Some observations that I made were.....
1.)Sometimes the biggest animal is not always the one that eat the most.
2.)that termites herbivores/omnivores, not decomposers.
3.)Dolphins, octopus and shark are the top in marine life.
4.)in marine life all the producers seem to all be plant life.
5.)whales are so big but they eat krill!

Brooke said...

1. Most of that animals were carnivores.(African grasslands)

2.I thought 1 of that sea creatures in the top carnivores, are usually are considered very nice and loving but u would think that they were at the top carnivore category

3.The jaguar is at the top of the food chain in Food Web. no other animal insect or plant is above it.but the plant is at the bottom of the food chain because it does not eat anything.

Jacob said...

1. There tend to be less producers in a single food chain.

2. skunks eat lizards

3. most well known animals are at the top of their respective food chain

RE said...

1. different places have different pops. of omnivore, herbevore, carnavore ect. ...
2.the lower on the food chain you are the fewer food options you have the ocean there are many omn, her, car
4.there are many kinds of carnivores

jean-sophia:-) said...

some observations i made were that in the antarctic food web a large percent was carnivors (7 were carnivores 2 were top leval cornivors 1 was a herbivor 1 was a producer and one 1 was a omnivor)
and on the other website that the lepord was conected to everything except one and and the plant had every but one too

Max said...

umm so like the big animals eat the little ones.

except i would like classify hyenas as scavengers and carnivores 'cause the eat the leftovers from lions.

a few odd things were the animals that eat skunks i mean like i so would not eat one of those things cause it would spray stink all over me.

DIGGY DOG D said...

1. Most of them were based off of the food chain

2. there was a fish called ice fish, I didn't know that they survived in the cold water because of their blood

3. euphasid shrimp swim in large numbers

Richard smith said...

The food chain keeps everything in balance. Scavengers are scarce. If one thing dies than they all die because they all rely on one another to keep the circle of life going.

logan said...

it was interesting to find out what animal ate what

The adolescent juvenile said...

They were both easy and hard.
Carnivore, omnivore and herbivore are not the only types.
The more animals you have, the harder it is to make a food web.
Some animals are misleading.

horselover said...

1) I noticed that there weren't alot of scavengers
2)I was surprised that kookaburra was a top level carnivore
3)skunks eat lizards

ishara said...

1. i didn't know skunks ate lizards
2. i didn't know there were so many carivores in the world