Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Welcome and Welcome Back!!!

Gaia is the name that James Lovelock gave our planet when he decided to propose his hypothesis that our planet is actually a living organism in and of itself.  Our planet is surely a massive complexity that can only be understood by breaking down its various parts.  This year, the middle school will take on the challenge of understanding those parts and then synthesizing this knowledge in order to make sense of the world.  
By the way, Lovelock did not invent the term "gaia."  Where is it from originally?

Comment on this question:  Can you prove or disprove Lovelock's hypothesis?


eli beck said...

The term Gaia originaly came from the name of the Greek mother goddess of the Earth.

Cassie said...

The name Gaia was what the Greeks called the goddess of the Earth or in other words it was the name they gave mother nature. I think it is impossible to prove Lovelock's theory because any data or facts gathered could be interpreted either way depending on the person's beliefs.