Monday, February 4, 2008

Dung Beetles

Today we learned about two fragile biomes, the desert and the tundra. What makes them fragile, you might ask? They are fragile because of the simple food chains that exist within them. Within the tundra during the winter months there are only a few organisms that can survive. If there is a disruption to any one part of the biome, the whole food chain gets disrupted.

However, despite the limiting factors, there are some amazing adaptations for the organisms that do exist in these biomes. There is a tremendous amount of symbiosis that exists between organisms. The Dung Beetle is a great example of this. Dung Beetles have been held in very high regard by many cultures, although they tend to get a bad rap in our country. Why are they such useful creatures?


mikyelle AKA Mike said...

Without them, we would have more flies.

They get rid of the dung thus called Dung Beetles.

They feed the earth with dung.

chazamataz said...
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Jiggles said...

These dung beetles are so useful because they get rid of the poop animals leave behind.
As the beetle lays its eggs the poop fertilizes the earth then the new beetles start the whole entire process over again.
Because of them we don't have a lot of flies.